Inspire, educate, encourage, and motivate. Our partnerships with some of Canada’s premier civic and cultural groups are founded on the belief that informed visitors create active participants and engaged citizens.

Our approach takes its lead from the surrounding architecture, environmental attributes and brand identity. We recognize the dual responsibility of evoking an emotional response while also answering basic questions such as “where are the washrooms?”

Our portfolio of work spans indoor and outdoor spaces, placemaking for entire cities, interpretive design for conservation gardens, instructional materials that encourage scientific discovery, and wayfinding programs for national galleries and museums.

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Partnering with Cygnus allowed us to share the value of botanical gardens and communicate stories about biodiversity, conservation, and food security. UBC Botanical Garden staff were involved at every step of the process, from conception to installation. Cygnus was an ideal partner throughout—the results speak for themselves.”
— Douglas JusticeAssociate Director. UBC Botanical Garden
We partner with nationally recognized institutions.