Hospitals can be stressful places. At Cygnus, we believe that helping patients, staff and visitors navigate your facility is fundamental to the delivery of healthcare services. We call this “carefinding”, in recognition that effective wayfinding minimizes stress and anxiety, and ensures patients are in the right place at the right time to receive care.

For 30 years, Cygnus has partnered with leading healthcare institutions: from multi-building health campuses to regional hospitals, continuing care centres to small medical centres. We understand the similarities between different healthcare environments while recognizing the unique challenges present in your facility. We have built a national perspective from which we offer insight and solutions.

Healthcare organizations are subject to increasingly restrictive economic and environmental pressures while addressing the ever-increasing size, diversity and complexity of their surrounding communities and the services offered. We believe that a wayfinding system must provide a strategic benefit to the business of managing and operating your facility. This includes accessible, patient-friendly design, requirements for ageing populations and multicultural communities, infection prevention and control, and donor recognition coordination.

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We have benefitted greatly from the collaboration with Cygnus. Recognizing that how people find their way is part of the care we provide rather than something that happens before and after we meet them is now fundamental to our approach. I don’t believe we would have made this shift in thinking without a systematic approach to reviewing and improving our practice.”
— Michael SuddesSite Director. Foothills Medical Centre
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