Helping patients, staff and visitors navigate your facility is fundamental to the delivery of healthcare services.

Helping Hospitals Work Better

We make hospitals function more effectively by ensuring patients and staff can easily access care and services when they need it. With wayfinding strategies created for the specific environment, hospitals become accessible, approachable and inclusive places. We work to help refresh aging facilities and provide opportunities for system-wide upgrades while for region-wide health authorities and specific hospitals. Better navigation allows for increased awareness of services, streamlined operations, and effective care delivery.

Stakeholder Input

We engage with stakeholders to understand the specific needs that must be considered as part of a wayfinding program. By empathizing with patients, family, staff, and clinicians, we propose solutions that are sensitive to the physical and emotional well-being of visitors and the functional demands of your site.

Hospital Life Cycle

Hospitals are ever-evolving, complex places. Wayfinding solutions should adapt to every stage of the facility's life cycle. We create wayfinding strategies for new facilities, redefine programs for mature facilities, and support substantial renovations and redevelopment projects.