New standards in offices are redefining cities across North America. The blend of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and entertainment venues require a unique approach to wayfinding when guiding both residents and visitors to a broad range of destinations. We remove the complexity by developing a communication program that helps each visitor navigate to their destination.

Cygnus works with award-winning development and management groups to design wayfinding and signage standards for complex office environments. Our projects address signage and wayfinding as part of a complete communication strategy. Our purpose is to develop strategies and solutions that improve the user experience by enabling individuals to access, understand and enjoy the places they visit. By developing a common visual language that is fully integrated within the built environment, we enable a consistent theme that helps the pedestrian to make the necessary connections.

Our comprehensive signage plans (CSP) provide detailed instructions for signage placement, fabrication, and ongoing maintenance. We are well versed in civic bylaws and variance requirements, and provide our clients with detailed signage specifications so there are clear guidelines.

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Cygnus worked collaboratively to produce a custom solution that is user-focused, highly functional and complementary to the architecture. They paid careful attention to detail throughout the entire process and placed emphasis on long-term durability through the careful selection of materials and finishes while maintaining construction schedules and adhering to target budgets.”
— Andrew WilsonProject Manager. Mathews Development (The Bow Tower)
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