City of Revelstoke

The City of Revelstoke is located near the southeastern edge of British Columbia among the rugged Selkirk Mountains on the way to Banff, Alberta. Over five million motorists travel the corridor every year and the highway provides easy access west to Vancouver and east to Calgary. Creating a strategically integrated approach to signage and wayfinding will encourage these travellers to explore more of what Revelstoke has to offer.

City of Revelstoke
Revelstoke, BC

To begin the project, the Cygnus spent multiple days in Revelstoke, getting to know the community. We performed stakeholder workshops as well as gathered feedback from an online survey, developing a deeper understanding of the community’s values, priorities, and sense of place. After completing a city-wide audit, Cygnus set out to transform the city’s existing patchwork of signs into a thoughtful, cohesive, and streamlined signage system.

Heritage meets modern design sensibilities with the large, illuminated letters of the gateway sign. Visible both during the day and during the night, the sign brings a clean and modern touch to contrast the rustic materials used elsewhere in the sign system. Inspired by a historical photograph of the city, the new Revelstoke brand highlights the city’s heritage and roots. Cygnus utilized this branding on a larger scale, creating a prominent gateway sign that reflects Revelstoke’s values.

The continuous presence of nature is at the core of the Revelstoke experience. Cygnus took inspiration from the abundant natural resources of the region, from the green highlights on park signage, to the silhouette of Mount Begbie, to the use of bear symbology throughout the signage system.