LWS Capital Park

The way we work is changing. Employees no longer spend the majority of their day at a desk in isolation. Working remotely and choosing one’s hours has become a common practice. Leading Workplace Strategies (LWS) is a Government of British Columbia initiative to provide inspiring, productive work environments for government employees.

Cygnus has partnered with the government on numerous LWS initiatives. Our work provides value by enriching the visual characteristic of workspaces, highlighting collaboration spaces, helping to provide a sense of ownership to mobile workers in common spaces, and communicating environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Southblock Development Corporation
Victoria, BC
Other Stakeholders
  • Government of British Columbia
  • Shared Services of BC

Cygnus developed environmental graphics across five floors of the Capital Park offices. Floors are distinguished by colours that complement the interior design of the space while creating a consistent tone across the facility. Additional base building signage is designed to be clean, modern and legible, placing the emphasis on the architecture of the building instead of the signage.

Floor-to-ceiling line illustrations depict important landmarks throughout the provincial capital. Important First Nations locations in Victoria were identified in coordination with the client team and illustrated in the same manner as other landmarks. These feature walls include educational text provided by a local First Nations individual, educating employees and visitors alike about the traditional significance of the area. Semi-transparent privacy screens continue the geographic theme with hints of Victoria’s non-linear street layout.