Science World: Ken Spencer Science Park

Ken Spencer Science Park is a 35,000 sq ft outdoor space at Vancouver’s TELUS World of Science. The area features interactive exhibits that reimagine our role in creating healthier communities and sustainable practices. From water consumption, waste management, and housing challenges to food requirements, transportation issues, and energy consumption, Ken Spencer Science Park explores the relationship between six distinct themes, each with a view towards a sustainable future.

TELUS World of Science
Vancouver, BC
Scope of Work
Environmental Graphics, Interpretive

We worked with Science World staff and external content developers to create a detailed plan for each of the thematic zones. The content strategy segmented signage into two three categories: Primary area plinths that act as wayfinding markers and provide dense information on each subject; Information panels designed to highlight specific stories within each subject area; See & Do panels that provide instructions for interactive exhibits and relate activities to broader sustainability concepts.



Each area was colour-coded and a unique subject pattern was created to create smaller subject zones within the broader Science Park area. Colour and patterns were applied to large area plinths, standalone interpretive signage, and wall-mounted panels. Our content strategy encouraged a collaborative process where written content and illustrations were developed simultaneously. This resulted in over 40 illustrations that capture specific features, concepts and interactive opportunities within the park.