Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics are an effective way to enrich your environment. They can be used to help create a unique sense of place while acting as an extension of your branding and communications strategy. Graphics show your staff and visitors who your organization is, and what your key values are, in a way that traditional print media can’t.

Environmental graphics can also act as landmarks for wayfinding, allowing visitors to more easily navigate through your space. A unique and engaging environment contributes to welcoming, recruiting and retaining both staff and clients alike.

Environmental graphics are also an excellent medium to promote education on conservation and recycling, cultural and historical significance and other organizational initiatives in a fun, impactful manner.

Cygnus has worked with notable private sector and governmental organizations to create innovative design solutions that respond to the interior and architectural design of a space, unique workplace culture, and organizational goals. Our team possesses extensive knowledge on material use, colour theory, industry trends, and technology integration. We consider everything from window films to light projection to ensure we are creating the right tone for your space as a whole.

Working with Cygnus has made creative collaboration such a rewarding experience for our team and their environmental graphic design solutions have enriched both the visual impact and functionality of our Leading Workplace office spaces across BC. With every new project, their talented team have produced results that reinforce the vision and values of work environments for the BC Public Service.”
— Russell TreloarTeam Lead, Workplace Strategies & Planning
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