Placemaking is a strategic and effective way to enhance the attractiveness of your public spaces by building upon their existing assets and potential. It’s also a great means to highlight some of the many distinguishing qualities of your site and create a unique sense of place that’s also an extension of your brand.

Strategic placemaking also shapes environments in such a way that they will naturally entice visitors to explore and interact with the space. When people enjoy being in an area, they are more likely to linger, return in the future, and share their experience with others—and we know this is important to your brand image, and for attracting even more visitors down the road.

At Cygnus, we look at the bigger picture of your space to discover what distinguishes it from its surroundings, how your visitors will experience the space at each stage of their journey, and how to integrate the essence of your brand into the built environment. We use our extensive knowledge of industry trends, materials, environmental design, technology integration, and wayfinding principles to create a place that will be attractive and impactful to your visitors.

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Cygnus developed a unique and highly functional program that is a true compliment to the surrounding landscape. They played a vital role in the master planning and development of sign types, ensured the elements effectively communicate the RiverWalk brand, and created a strong sense of identity within the space.”
— Neil P. MacKimmieDevelopment Manager. Calgary Municipal Land Corporation
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