Cultural Institutions

Educate, inspire, and motivate. We connect people to vital cultural, historical, and environmental institutions.

Leading Institutions

Our partnerships with some of Canada’s premier museums and cultural institutions are founded on the belief that informed visitors create active participants and engaged citizens. We've contributed to an atmosphere of discovery, learning, and expression at prominent organizations like Royal Alberta Museum, UBC Botanical Garden, Calgary Zoo, and the National Music Centre.

Architectural Vision

Our approach takes its lead from the surrounding architecture, environmental attributes, and brand identity. We work with architectural partners to understand their vision for exterior and interior spaces, key sight lines, prominent materials, and lighting, to ensure that our outcomes form part of a cohesive site experience.

Recognize Your Donors

The contributions of donors, sponsors, and volunteers are important to your institution and your success as an organization. Strong donor programs result from a well-defined strategy that merges fundraising efforts and tier standardization with brand expression and design.