‘Going to school’ is an experience that brings individuals together, each interacting with your institution in a unique way. Wayfinding, signage and environmental graphics connect the environment with your programming, making campuses easier to access, understand, and interact with.

Since 1979 we have worked with universities, colleges, schools and other institutions throughout North America on wayfinding programs, signage standards, and brand expression opportunities. We understand that modern education takes many forms and that student and visitor requirements can vary dramatically. Campuses are comprised of diverse, changing communities, while educational programming ranges from after-work courses to multi-year full-time degrees.

We recognize that your organization is complex. There are many stakeholders and voices to respond to, each requiring coordination. Our experience has taught us to respect the complexity of large organizations and helped us manage it.

Your campus continues to grow and so must your communications. Our design solutions account for evolution in your programming and facilities. We plan for change knowing the work done for the campus of today must continue to work for the campus of tomorrow.

Tell us what we can do to help your campus grow.

For years we have trusted Cygnus to provide high quality work and finished products to meet our long-term strategy for wayfinding. They have successfully developed and incorporated a myriad of professional sign solutions including interactive screens, donor recognition signs, and an online catalogue and order entry system.”
— Erica TornquistProject Planning Coordinator. Ryerson University
We partner with nationally recognized institutions.