From planning and design to implementation and maintenance, we support your facility communications throughout their life cycle.

Brand Visibility

Your signage is a highly visible reflection of your brand, helping to create a cohesive sense of place and a consistent experience throughout facilities that vary significantly from one building to another. Your sign system is an opportunity to create unity from campus edge to classroom, and all points in-between.

Making Connections

A visitors’ ability to orient themself within your campus, visualize their destination, and decide where to go next is fundamental to their ability to access curriculum, take part in events, and contribute to your community. Signage is part of an overall wayfinding strategy that enhances the connections between your people, your places, your values, and your institition as a whole.

Planning for Change

As a result of expanding services, visitor circulation, room additions, or the construction of entirely new buildings, your communications are constantly responding to change. The maintenence and evolution of your wayfinding program is important to the consistency of your brand, the function of your spaces, and the longevity of the signage itself.