Art Gallery of Alberta

In 2009, the Art Gallery of Alberta was preparing to move into their new 85,000 sq ft, world-class facility designed by Randall Stout. Cygnus designed the AGA’s wayfinding program, inclusive of exterior and interior signs, digital kiosks, donor recognition, environmental graphics and printed maps, leading visitors through premier exhibitions in a wildly creative, world-class art gallery.

Art Gallery of Alberta
Edmonton, AB

Complex architectural maps were reduced to their essentials in order to provide clarity to guests. The maps were integrated into printed brochures available to the guests as an extension of the wayfinding program.

Wayfinding and signage standards were designed to be quiet, ready when visitors need them, without competing with the exciting architecture or vibrant exhibitions on show at the AGA. Cygnus designed custom icons to match the typographic standards used throughout the gallery.