Factory Square

On the site of the previous headquarters of Research in Motion (RIM), Factory Square is a 53,000 sq. ft. mixed-use commercial complex in the heart of Waterloo’s Idea Quarter. The tech and innovation hub is spread across three buildings with numerous amenities, an open-air courtyard, and direct access to the ION Rapid Transit system.

CanFirst Capital Management
Waterloo, ON

Cygnus designed exterior and interior site branding, signage and wayfinding across the campus alongside the architect and their concept for the building. The program creates a unique identity for the campus, provides directional signage for all three buildings, and incorporates tenant identification without competing with the Factory Square brand.

Interior wayfinding design was made subtle, using grey and white in order to integrate into the aesthetic of the building. Green accents reinforce the Factory Square brand and tie into the architectural colours. The angled square form of the interior signage takes inspiration from the renovated floor-plan design which naturally moves people diagonally through the building.

With elevators only available at one entrance, exterior pylons are used to direct visitors with accessibility needs, while also providing an identity piece for the site when entering by ION Rapid Transit.