Visits to ICBC facilities are one of the common ways a customer interacts with and experiences the ICBC brand. Following a substantial investment in a new brand identity, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) partnered with Cygnus to administer the brand to over 100 facility locations throughout the province. Our response was a comprehensive interior, exterior, and environmental graphics program that respects the brand in every application addressed.


Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
British Columbia

Following the planning phase, Cygnus performed a comprehensive audit of all interior and exterior signage types. This information informed the development of signage standards, detailed instructions that ensure consistency amidst varying site conditions, unpredictable environments, owned and leased facilities, and accessibility concerns. ICBC’s corporate brand standards guided the signage standards. This involved careful colour testing and material selection.






Implementing the newly approved signage standards included major site rebranding, capital developments/redevelopments, and day-to-day ongoing signage requests. Throughout the process, we worked closely with ICBC’s facility planners and marketing personnel, providing consultative, design, and management services for several ICBC properties across Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kamloops, Kelowna, Richmond, and Burnaby.