Maligne Lake

The Maligne Lake Boat Cruise is part of the Banff Jasper Collection from Pursuit. Declared one of the “Best Boat Cruises in Canada,” the Maligne Lake Cruise is a panoramic tour across the glacier-fed waters of Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park.

Pursuit Collection
Jasper, AB

Building on the hundred-year legacy of its predecessor, Pursuit set about a process to rebrand the Maligne Lake site in 2017. The revitalization brought a new brand standard and increased emphasis on the surrounding trails and amenities.

Cygnus expanded the brand standards developed by Evans Hunt to provide wayfinding signage throughout the park. The outcomes enrich the visitor’s experience by encouraging further exploration throughout the trail networks, directing visitors to Maligne Lakehouse, and the main boat cruise attraction.

The wood signs were engraved, paint infilled, and lacquered to provide long-term durability. The wood panels integrate effortlessly within the natural surrounding and provide a contrast to the blue and teal used in the custom icon system.