Wayfinding Programs

Effective navigation improves the experience of your space, the perception of your organization, and contributes to operational success.

Strategy & Master Plans

Understanding how people approach, access, navigate, and depart your environments requires a comprehensive understanding of site attributes and visitor needs. Wayfinding master plans provide an overview of the wayfinding strategy at each stage of the visitor journey.

Design Forward

Exceptional wayfinding and signage programs are a combination of graphic, industrial, information, and user experience design. We design outcomes that dramatically impact a visitor’s perception of their surroundings, their access to products and services, their desire to explore, and their willingness to return.

Phased Implementation

Your facilities are constantly evolving. Your signage should too. We support ongoing change through signage standards that anticipate the future needs and growth of your facility. We make ongoing implementation predictable.

Digital Wayfinding

Touchscreen tablets and kiosks, LED displays, and smartphones should support a complete wayfinding strategy. Cygnus considers strategic integration, content and maintenance, and third party partnerships to develop digital wayfinding solutions.