Wayfinding is the process people work through as they navigate an environment. Helping people with the process improves the experience of your space, the perception of you as an organization, and contributes to operational success.

A wayfinding system is a planned, structured combination of language and visual cues that help people with navigation. Through a combination of elements such as signage, graphics, landmarks, environmental cues, and online tools, the system helps people understand where they are and plan their journey and guides them along the way to help confirm their arrival.

At Cygnus, we take a big picture, long-term view when developing and implementing wayfinding systems. We develop Wayfinding Master Plans that describe visitor needs at each stage of their journey and offer solutions to guide them to their destination. This provides a high-level view of what the wayfinding process should be and creates a tool-kit that informs design development.

The master plan works progressively from high-level ideas to highly specific specifications, organizing the information visitors encounter along their journey. It gathers principles, nomenclature, brand integration and concept development into a single document that can be planned against and implemented over time while remaining true to the design intent.

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The Cygnus team handled the challenges of a tight timeline and firm budget both positively and professionally to ensure the highest quality of service and value for our project. It was a great pleasure to work with the team on this project and we continue to have a great working partnership today.”
— Chad SaundersOperations and Special Projects. National Music Centre
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