Signage Standards

More than a single sign, we take a holistic approach to develop comprehensive standards across an entire sign program. Our standards reference consistent design principles and brand requirements to create familiarity and provide reassurance in large facilities. The design, quality, and consistency of any sign program relate to the character of the space and its desired perception in the community and workplace. It is important that information is clearly and consistently presented across multiple locations so that facilities and services are easily identifiable to visitors.

We believe developing signage standards should be simple for our clients. We have a streamlined process that removes risk, reduces overall cost, and provides on-going support. The expertise of our staff and our extensive experience in all stages of a project allows us to influence a program’s success over its entire life-cycle. Our solutions are environmentally sustainable, built for change and extension, and durable against strain from the environment.

Important to the success of signage programs, our signage standards guides provide an overview of the entire signage family. They offer detailed specifications and ensure consistency among multiple brands, sign types, and locations. As part of our on-going support, we manage tenants and vendors, ensuring that all specifications are met and maintained. We also offer continued, ongoing management as changes and updates arise. We have years of proven success in our planning and strategies to pass approvals and create effective programming for your facility.

On behalf of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, I would like to acknowledge the high quality of professionalism that we have experienced in our work with Cygnus. Cygnus was instrumental in helping ICBC develop and execute a complete signage standards package. As a team, they have always gone the extra mile to make sure work is well-executed.”
— Graham SmithManager, Facilities Projects. ICBC
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